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Meeting of the Advisory Council of the CAREC Institute

The CAREC Institute held its Fourth Advisory Council (AC) Meeting on July 29, 2022. The AC comprises renowned regional and global experts on Central Asia and the thematic priorities of the CAREC Program and the CAREC Institute. The meeting was aimed at soliciting feedback and input on CAREC Institute's strategic and operational priorities, post-pandemic regional recovery report, and the fifth CAREC cluster – human development.

1st Climate Change Dialogue for Knowledge Exchange with CAREC Region National Experts on the CAREC Climate Scoping Study

On 19 July 2022, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank, the CAREC Institute will conduct its first Climate Dialogue, dedicated to “CAREC Climate Scoping Study”. The study aims to explore how CAREC can best intensify its support for regional actions to respond to climate change. One key aspect of the preparation of this scoping study involves consultation with CAREC-national and international climate experts.

Industrial Value Chain Diagnostics for Policymaking

The CAREC Institute, in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), will deliver an online training course on “Industrial Value Chain Diagnostics for Policymaking”

Dialogue II: Sustainable Water Governance in Central Asia Aimed Climate Vulnerabilities

The CAREC Institute in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB),ADB-PRC Regional Knowledge Sharing Initiative (RKSI) and Xinjiang Institute of Ecology & Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (XIEG) delivered the 2nd Water Dialogue on Sustainable Water Governance in Central Asia Aimed Climate Vulnerabilities on April 27.

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