CAREC Institute organizes and participates in various conferences, workshops, and training.   This page is updated all the time as we prepare and upload many of our events and materials.

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Workshop on 2008 SNA: Enhancing the Quality of Key Economic Indicators

The workshop titled “System of National Accounts: Enhancing Quality of Key Economic Indicators” provides comprehensive hands-on training in building the system of national accounts (SNA) and in the estimation of key economic indicators, e.g. gross domestic product (GDP), real GDP growth, sector-specific gross value added (GVA), etc. The participants will be trained in developing the accounts both in current and constant prices and in the estimation of the balance of non-financial assets. The use of input-output (IO) analysis as a tool for statistical and economic analysis will be covered in detail in addition to more advanced topic such as estimation of trade-in-value-added statistics and quantitative analysis of value chains (global, regional, local).

Workshop on Effective Implementation of the World Trade Organization Trade Facilitation Agreement

This sub-regional workshop has the overall goal of accelerating the implementation of the WTO TFA provisions, with a focus on introducing specific features and provisions of the TFA, NCTFs and their role in leading the implementation of TFA provisions, harmonizing Azerbaijan legislative and regulatory framework with TFA provisions, formulating preliminary NCTF Action Plan, and experience-sharing on the vitality of interagency cooperation at border crossing points (BCPs).

Promoting SME Trade Finance in the CAREC Region

Based on research evidence, CI believes that the key to economic diversification and growth is SME. SME has been a recurring theme of CI's programming. During the past two years, CI has conducted workshops on SME development and SME financing. The logical next step is to explore trade financing of SMEs engaged in trade in order to review the challenges in SME trade financing for increasing SME trading for the broader agenda of regional integration.

Workshop on Special Economic Zones

Special Economic Zones is one of the force multipliers for economic growth. Shenzhen Miracle is one of the key lessons to be learnt for CAREC economies. The country-specific workshop, which CI held in Pakistan, was a huge success and CI intends to replicate it and disseminate the knowledge widely in the region.

First CAREC Institute Advisory Council Meeting

The meeting will serve as a platform for experts from all member countries as well as international leading figures to discuss and debate new ideas and future direction of CI's work.

CAREC Regional Workshop—Promoting Regional Tourism Cooperation under CAREC 2030

Tourism has emerged as a key sector in regional economic cooperation and is the driver of people to people contact. Many member countries have expressed their keen interest in learning about affirmative actions for promoting regional tourism as a key sector for economic diversification. CI is taking the lead in conducting this exploratory workshop on tourism promotion.

Technology Water Management

This workshop will be designed to dig deeper into River Basin Management and Flood control issues in the region, which is vulnerable to climate change and natural disaster. This workshop will also invite officials from East Asia for sharing intraregional experiences.

National Accounts Capacity Building

This workshop is part of the larger initiative of ADB's ERCI. CI will take care of the regional aspect of this initiative. ERCI is conducting a project on CB of member countries on data collection, collation, and presentation of national accounts. This workshop will be an experience-sharing of these in-country initiatives.

Third CAREC Think Tanks Development Forum

Over 100 participants from development partner organizations, think tanks, business sector, and universities from CAREC member countries attended the forum. Participants exchanged knowledge and research on contemporary development challenges facing the CAREC region.

Workshop on Horticultural Value Chains Development

The workshop aimed to promote Horticulture Value Chain in developing Asian countries consistent with the strategic themes of “Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth,” and “Support for Middle-Income Countries.”

First Central Asia Think Tank Development Forum - 2016

Representatives from think tanks and research organizations from across the 10 CAREC member countries discussed future prospects for cooperation and developing a regional knowledge sharing network.

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