Key activities

CI’s Strategic Knowledge Framework consists of three components:
• Knowledge generation (research activities);
• Knowledge services (capacity building activities); and
• Knowledge management (dissemination of knowledge).

CI has the following functions:
• conduct strategic research by mobilizing and partnering with world-class intellectual resources to enhance regional cooperation capacity and accelerated growth in the CAREC region;
• promote the effectiveness of scientific research in CAREC and among the CI Member Countries through joint or collaborative projects and wide dissemination of research findings and results;
• develop a network of research institutions in the CAREC region to serve as a resource base for strategic research and knowledge sharing, comprising among others, of universities, think tanks, and development institutions;
• enhance the capabilities of government officials in CAREC and the CI Member Countries to engage in regional cooperation processes, improve their capacities to plan and implement regional cooperation projects, and build their capacities for informed policy analysis;
• provide innovative solutions based on the sharing of good practices to enable CAREC and the CI Member Countries to respond to regional challenges and cooperative processes;
• align its programs with the strategic goals of CAREC;
• report on its past and proposed programs to CAREC at each annual meeting of the CAREC Ministerial Conference.

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