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Dear visitors of CAREC Institute’s website,

I am incredibly proud to be the new Director of the CAREC Institute. In assuming this new role, I would like to share my values and vision for the CAREC Institute.

Today, the CAREC Institute is well-positioned to make key contributions to advancing knowledge and research and to help the CAREC member countries to lead their way toward sustainable and inclusive development. In this regard, the institute plays a critical role in meeting the growing knowledge needs of CAREC member countries by acting as a knowledge generator and connector by conducting cutting-edge research, developing capacity-building services, disseminating knowledge, sharing best practices, and building partnerships and alliances related to the strategic priorities of the CAREC Program. The CAREC Institute works closely with the CAREC Program and member countries to align its operational program with CAREC strategies.

I firmly believe in the strength of the CAREC Institute team, who will do what it takes to implement the new CAREC Institute Strategy until 2025 to deliver on the set goals and objectives within the five CAREC’s operational clusters. The CAREC region is facing several challenges, such as COVID-19, climate change, financial stability, economic transformation, and so on. As the region’s leading knowledge hub, the institute has the know-how to help its member countries to overcome these challenges through tailored policy advice, training, peer-to-peer learning, and effective cooperation. Considering the challenges of the day, the CAREC Institute will keep on expanding its research portfolio and offering quality know-how to its member countries in areas of strategic importance including sustainable development, sustainable recovery, digital and green economy, climate change, effective water and energy resources management, health development, food security and so on.

The CAREC Institute will also continue offering evidence-based capacity-building programs to its member countries using its e-learning platform. In parallel, we shall also put the CAREC’s Think Tank Development Forum under spotlight, intensify our knowledge-sharing practice, and enhance our external and internal communications by means of issuing a periodic e-newsletter and quarterly economic monitors. We shall also expand our external outreach by featuring our work in CAREC region-based media. We shall enhance our organizational management, implement a merit-based recruitment strategy, and improve our work environment and financial sustainability.

CAREC countries need knowledge and capacities to advance regional integration processes. With this in mind, we aim to make the CAREC Institute a leading knowledge center promoting economic cooperation in the CAREC region for shared and sustainable development. This is an ambitious and inspiring goal for which my colleagues and I must strive. We are truly fortunate to have tremendous talent among our staff and strong partnerships with national and international stakeholders. With the institute’s truly unique ability to act as a knowledge broker, we are able to bring together the brightest minds to work on the region’s most pressing issues, enabling knowledge formation, acquisition, and exchange involving a broader set of stakeholders. I believe we have an obligation to use these gifts to advance the economic integration of the CAREC region for shared prosperity.

Kabir Jurazoda
Director of CAREC Institute

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