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Virtual Conference: Trade Facilitation in CAREC: A 10-year CPMM Perspective

The CAREC Institute, in partnership with ADB and CAREC Program, will hold a virtual conference on the theme of Trade Facilitation in CAREC: A 10-year CPMM Perspective at 13:00-15:50 Manila time on 17 August 2022. The conference is to present findings of a study that identifies significant trade facilitation initiatives and development in CAREC countries,

Debt and Financial Sustainability in the CAREC Region

The CAREC Institute will hold a webinar on Debt and Financial Sustainability in the CAREC Region at 14:00 Beijing time on 24th August 2022, to discuss a comprehensive overview of the debt situation and fresh evidence on broad-based debt accumulation in the CAREC region by considering the individual countries’ growth dynamics. Experts from the World

Country-Specific Workshops on Road Asset Management – Azerbaijan and Georgia

The CAREC Institute, in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), will host country-specific workshops on Road Asset Management (RAM) in Baku, Azerbaijan during 6-9 September 2022, and in Tbilisi, Georgia during 12-15 September 2022, for leading RAM experts, including senior officials and experts with extensive experience in the road sector, road authorities, consultants, and

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CAREC Regional Workshop—Promoting Regional Tourism Cooperation under CAREC 2030

Tourism has emerged as a key sector in regional economic cooperation and is the driver of people to people contact. Many member countries have expressed their keen interest in learning about affirmative actions for promoting regional tourism as a key sector for economic diversification. CI is taking the lead in conducting this exploratory workshop on tourism promotion.

Technology Water Management

This workshop will be designed to dig deeper into River Basin Management and Flood control issues in the region, which is vulnerable to climate change and natural disaster. This workshop will also invite officials from East Asia for sharing intraregional experiences.

National Accounts Capacity Building

This workshop is part of the larger initiative of ADB's ERCI. CI will take care of the regional aspect of this initiative. ERCI is conducting a project on CB of member countries on data collection, collation, and presentation of national accounts. This workshop will be an experience-sharing of these in-country initiatives.

Third CAREC Think Tanks Development Forum

Over 100 participants from development partner organizations, think tanks, business sector, and universities from CAREC member countries attended the forum. Participants exchanged knowledge and research on contemporary development challenges facing the CAREC region.

Workshop on Horticultural Value Chains Development

The workshop aimed to promote Horticulture Value Chain in developing Asian countries consistent with the strategic themes of “Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth,” and “Support for Middle-Income Countries.”

First Central Asia Think Tank Development Forum - 2016

Representatives from think tanks and research organizations from across the 10 CAREC member countries discussed future prospects for cooperation and developing a regional knowledge sharing network.

CAREC Institute Workshop on Program and Partnerships

The workshop identified medium- and long-term prospects for the CAREC Institute in relation to its work plan and program, and strengthened strategic partnership and cooperation.

Inaugural Knowledge Sharing Workshop of the CAREC Institute

In conjunction with the launching of CAREC Institute’s physical base, the CAREC Institute and ADB Institute jointly organized a training workshop on Economic Corridors and Global Value Chains.

First CAREC Institute Governing Council Meeting

Representatives from nine CAREC member countries discussed the appointment of CAREC Institute (CI) director and deputy director 1, establishment of the recruitment and selection committee and the budget and audit committee, and adoption of the rules of procedure of the CI Governing Council.

First Training in Implementing Performance-Based Maintenance Contracts

The CAREC Institute, the transport division of the Asian Development Bank’s Central and West Asia Department, and the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China discussed the concept and best practices of performance-based road maintenance.

Third CAREC Institute Executive Leadership Development Program

Senior government officials from 10 CAREC member countries were introduced to five key areas critical to fostering successful regional economic cooperation: leadership, public sector management, strategic thinking and planning, public sector finance, and negotiation and persuasion.

CAREC Institute Research Workshop

The workshop discussed the 15 research proposals submitted by 11 participating institutes from CAREC countries.

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