Webinar on Effective Public Service Delivery and E-Governance: The Case of Azerbaijan

10 Nov - 17 Nov 2021

Digital technology is the fundamental driver of change in today’s world facing unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19. During the pandemic, the economic and social resilience of economies depended a lot on the level of their digitalization. It became evident that countries investing in digital technologies are doing much better in providing essential services to citizens such as government services, online education, healthcare services, and supporting businesses. Looking ahead, digital technologies will play an even bigger role in building more resilient, prosperous, and inclusive economies.
To support its digital development agenda, Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) has launched a series of knowledge-sharing events for its MCs on Digital Development and E-Governance. IsDB is currently collaborating with the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations (SAPSSI) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which runs the ASAN Xidmet E-Government Services — an award-winning Center of Excellence, to share their operational model and good practices for electronic public service delivery, digitalization, innovations, support of social projects and SME development.
IsDB and the SAPSSI in partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the CAREC Institute are organizing two webinars themed Effective Public Service Delivery and E-Governance: The Case of Azerbaijan on November 10th and 17th. These webinars will be an opportunity for the government officials of targeted Member Countries, staff members and partners to learn and share about best practices in digital development and e-governance.

Webinar 1: This webinar is a knowledge-sharing event for a wider audience. The event will provide a platform for speakers from SAPSSI, the IsDB, the CAREC Institute and the ADB to share experiences and expertise in the field of digital development, focusing on e-government services and SMEs development.
Webinar 1 includes the sessions on “Enhancing Public Service Delivery from a Regional Perspective”, “Integrated Service Management and Application of Innovations in the Public Service Delivery”, and “The Best Practice of State Support to Small Businesses through Digital Platforms”.
Speakers will set the scene in terms of the current situation of digitalization and public service delivery in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region; principles of integrated services, human resources, regulatory frameworks, the role of public-private partnerships, current challenges and prospects along with other public service delivery topics, the importance of SMEs for the economic development, the ways that the governments can properly support such businesses through digital platforms.
Webinar 2: This webinar will focus on more technical discussions with the concerned authorities in the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan to understand the capacity development needs of their respective countries in digital development and e-governance. The findings of the technical discussions may lead to the formulation of a Reverse Linkage intervention. The participants will also discuss other potential opportunities to develop targeted interventions to benefit digital development, particularly e-government services and SME development.
The language of the webinar is English. Simultaneous translation from English to Russian will be available. Relevant materials and recordings from webinar 1 will be uploaded to the CAREC Institute e-learning platform for a wide audience.

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