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CAREC Think Tanks Forum III Report 2018

Realizing its role as a knowledge arm of the CAREC 2030, the CAREC Institute partnered with the National Institute of Strategic Studies (NISS) of Kyrgyzstan to organize the 3rd CAREC Think Tanks Development Forum (CTTDF) in Bishkek in July 2018 with a thematic focus on building knowledge corridors along the Silk Road. Over 100 participants deliberated on the concept of knowledge corridors as an interconnected web of thoughts and ideas of knowledge enablers (government), knowledge articulators (sector experts), knowledge generators (research entities), and knowledge transformers (business sector) to translate knowledge into tangible gains and advance regionalism for shared prosperity. This report provides a detailed account of the third CTTDF event.


CAREC Agriculture Country Profiles

The CAREC Institute and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) have conducted a joint study on review of trends, challenges, and opportunities for agricultural development in the CAREC member countries. This document presents country profiles included in the study. It provides information about land and water resources, macroeconomic trends, agricultural share in the overall economy, production and cropping calendars, food security, food intake and malnutrition, agricultural trends, constraints and potentials.


CAREC Institute Annual Report 2018

In 2018, the CAREC Institute has completed the fourth year of operations since establishment of its physical base in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the People's Republic of China (PRC). This year has been marked by singing the headquarter agreement with the Government of PRC rendering CAREC Institute the full legal status of an international organization. The Institute has developed its five-year strategy aligned with the CAREC 2030, published the research on the topic of macroeconomic monitoring and forecasting in a book format, formalized partnerships with four additional entities, ensured uninterrupted development of the Think Tanks Network by hosting another forum, and delivered demand-driven ten workshops to over two hundred member country government officials to foster their ability to meet country strategy objectives, regional commitments, and sustainable development goals. Read more about the 2018 work in our annual report which also lists planned activities for 2019.


Agricultural Development Study: Climate Change Findings

In 2018, the CAREC Institute has undertaken a joint study with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) on review of trends, challenges, and opportunities for agricultural development in the CAREC member countries. The study found that the climate change might impact significantly CAREC region’s water resources, agricultural productivity, farm incomes, and poverty, particularly as it relates to melting of glaciers due to rising temperature, shortage of rainwater and irrigated farmland, and natural disasters provoked by the climate change, which allegedly might pose threat to public safety.


CAREC Institute E-newsletter, May, 2019

The e-newsletter covers recent events, news, and milestones accomplished by the CAREC Institute in cooperation with its partners and stakeholders. It is published monthly, and gets delivered to a pre-defined email distribution list of recipients. Please, let us know if you’d like to be added to the distribution list.


CAREC Institute Brochure

The CAREC brochure tells the story of the CAREC Institute from the beginning till now. It gives an overview of our key activities, values, vision, mission, governance, management, and partnerships.


Asian Financial Development Report on Infrastructure Finance

This report is the first joint project of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) with other international organizations. BFAI is very pleased to team up with the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office(AMRO), the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Institute (CI) and the Asian Financial Cooperation Association (AFCA), and the research group worked closely together and inspired each other.


CAREC Integrated Trade Agenda 2030 Issues Paper

This publication provides briefings on key trade issues in Central Asia: (i) addressing technical barriers to trade, (ii) expanding trade in services, (iii) engaging in regional trade agreements, and (iv) establishing special economic zones. These issues are priorities under the CAREC Integrated Trade Agenda 2030. This set of short papers aims to support policy deliberations and implementation at the regional and national levels


CAREC Integrated Trade Agenda 2030 and Rolling Strategic Action Plan 2018-2020

This publication discusses how the CAREC Program can enhance trade by addressing key challenges, including poor market access, limited economic diversification, and weak institutions for trade. CAREC’s new trade strategy leverages on the successes of past CAREC trade work built on mutual trust and collective efforts. It is designed to foster deepened regional cooperation and integration


50 Climate Solutions from Cities in the People's Republic of China - Best Practices from Cities Taking Action on Climate Change

Urban areas all over the PRC have embraced a wide range of solutions to reduce energy consumption, green and clean their energy supply, transform the concept of waste, promote green and blue spaces, and improve urban mobility. Each of the 50 featured solutions—some are projects sponsored by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)—shows how cities take climate actions and also create valuable co-benefits in terms of positive impacts on citizens’ public health and quality of life, as well as providing economic and additional environmental benefits.


Macroeconomic Monitoring and Forecasting Model for CAREC Member Countries 2017

The “Macroeconomic Monitoring and Forecasting of the CAREC region” (MMF) research study provides a learning tool for conducting analysis of state of the economy; forecast near-term challenges and prospects of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) member economies.


The Almaty–Bishkek Economic Corridor

The Almaty–Bishkek Economic Corridor fact sheet explains the corridor concept and its application through Almaty–Bishkek Economic Corridor development, shows the achieved milestones, and outlines the tasks ahead.


CAREC Institute Annual Report 2017

The CAREC Institute’s (CI) first annual report 2017 details many achievements that CI has made since its virtual presence to a physical base establishment gradually occupying a niche of a leading knowledge center for the region. The sustained effort has been made to stimulate the institutional development of the CI, and achieve targets stipulated by the Governing Council of eleven member countries. This report also provides an overview of the CI’s major activities for the next year.


CAREC Institute Strategy 2018-2022

The CAREC Institute (CI) 2018-2022 strategy provides a framework for supporting the CAREC member countries through knowledge generation, knowledge services, and knowledge management. The document builds upon the foundation established by the CI in previous years and aligns objectives with CAREC 2030 priorities. During 2018-2022, the CI will focus on two main strategic goals - institutional strengthening and operational excellence - and invite the member countries, partners, and other stakeholders to adopt these shared priorities. The CI will drive progress through seven strategic objectives which highlight meaningful ways that CI can focus on its workforce, achieve financial sustainability, advance research mechanisms, strengthen knowledge management, up-scale knowledge services, and promote partnerships and networking with other entities.


Compendium of Best Practices

This Compendium of Best Practices in Road Asset Management was developed as part of the support of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program toward the establishment of competitive transport corridors; the facilitation of movement of people and goods; and the provision of sustainable, safe, and user-friendly transport and trade networks. This compendium was prepared in the context of CAREC’s Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy 2020, and is aimed at improving the management and maintenance of CAREC road corridors through the sharing of good practices that exist within CAREC countries.


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