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Economic Brief: Analysis of Inflationary Pressures in the CAREC Region

Global inflationary pressures could eventually ease because long-term inflation expectations are well anchored, but the outlook varies markedly and in some developing economies high inflation is likely to last longer mainly affected by factors such as rising food prices and currency depreciation.


Visiting Fellow Program: Human Capital Development and Regional Cooperation and Integration in the CAREC Region: Policy Lessons from ASEAN

The 2021 CAREC Institute visiting fellow Teresita Cruz-del Rosario, Research Associate at the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore, studied the relationship between investments in health and education and regional cooperation and integration (RCI) outcomes through a comparative study of the performance of countries in the CAREC and ASEAN subregions.


CTTN Research Grants Program: Technology Gap and Productivity Spillovers from Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment

Under the CAREC Think Tanks Network (CTTN) Research Grant Program, a team of researchers - Asif Razzaq, Fareeha Adil, Hui An – analyzed if the increased international trade and investment produce technology spillovers for host economies, and whether the PRC, as an emerging economy, has enough technical capabilities to produce technology spillovers for developing or underdeveloped host countries, and what is the role of technology gap to realize these spillovers.


Study on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation in CAREC

The report presents results of the 2021 United Nations Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation for ten CAREC members. It presents a detailed analysis based on 58 trade facilitation measures which are classified into four groups ("General Trade Facilitation," "Digital Trade Facilitation," "Sustainable Trade Facilitation," and "Other Trade Facilitation") and further 11 subgroups covering both binding and non-binding WTO TFA measures and measures beyond the scope of WTO TFA+.


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