Workshop on Horticultural Value Chains Development

7 Mar - 9 Mar 2018; Antalya, Turkey

The workshop aimed to promote Horticulture Value Chain in developing Asian countries consistent with the strategic themes of “Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth,” and “Support for Middle-Income Countries.”

The workshop was expected to generate the following outputs:

  • Increased awareness of the high potential for value addition of raw horticultural products in to standardized finished products to connect to Regional Horticultural Value Chain for increasing exports to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as PRC standardization is much higher in terms of phytosanitary controls.
  • Enhanced understanding for modern technologies for value additions along the Horticulture Value Chain.
  • Increased awareness in Horticulture Value Chain governance and management for improved policy and regulatory controls.

PRC is a huge market for horticultural exports from CAREC member countries. It imports $117 billion worth of agricultural products from around world, in which the share of other CAREC member countries is significantly less, due to high perishability and low shelf life.

This scenario necessitates that CAREC member countries should review and improve the value chains structure both in terms of intra-CAREC trade in horticultural products as well as more importantly connecting with the global value chain.

The workshop, organized by CAREC Institute in collaboration with Asian Development Bank (ADB), ADB Institute, Government of Netherlands, and Local Business Concern, also included field visits to vegetable and flower production facilities in Turkey.

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