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Policy Brief: e-Commerce Framework in CAREC

This policy brief sets out the key policy issues: how strictly the state must prescribe acceptable methods of authenticating text and transacting parties; what shall be done to promote privacy, to prevent cybercrime and to protect consumers; how to follow the leading international trends, while expressing some concerns about the ability of private and public actors to make safe choices and about the ability of some member states to administer an effective regulatory regime.


CAREC Institute Annual Report 2019

The CAREC Institute Annual Report 2019 provides overview of the Institute’s capacity building, research, and advocacy work in 2019, and offers outlook on year 2020.


50 Climate Solutions from Cities in the People's Republic of China - Best Practices from Cities Taking Action on Climate Change

Urban areas all over the PRC have embraced a wide range of solutions to reduce energy consumption, green and clean their energy supply, transform the concept of waste, promote green and blue spaces, and improve urban mobility. Each of the 50 featured solutions—some are projects sponsored by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)—shows how cities take climate actions and also create valuable co-benefits in terms of positive impacts on citizens’ public health and quality of life, as well as providing economic and additional environmental benefits.


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