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CAREC Institute Annual Report 2019

The CAREC Institute Annual Report 2019 provides overview of the Institute’s capacity building, research, and advocacy work in 2019, and offers outlook on year 2020.


Policy Brief: Reforming State-Owned Enterprises in Central Asia

This policy brief emerged from a joint workshop organized by the CAREC Institute, the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), and the American University of Central Asia, on the topic of reforming state-owned enterprises (SOE) in Central Asia during 26-27 September 2019 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


Regional Value Chains in CAREC: The Case of Kyrgyzstan Garment Industry

The working paper titled “Regional Value Chains in CAREC: The Case of Kyrgyzstan Garment Industry” explores the role of Regional Value Chains (RVC) in promoting regional integration which is understood as a strategy that promotes the benefits of collective and collaborative activities among member countries through economies of scale, more vigorous intra-regional trade, expansion of markets, shared information platforms for exchange, and harmonized frameworks for social and economic interaction.


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