Call for Consulting Services of International Consultant

18 Oct 2023

The CAREC Institute extends the submission of applications for International Consultant services for the Research Project “Blended Learning through Flipped Classrooms in the CAREC Region- Designing a Data-Driven Flipped Classroom Program” until October 30, 2023.

The goal of the Research Project is to develop a blended/flipped classroom model for widening access to quality education and learning in the CAREC region by integrating affordable digital technologies in selected four CAREC countries.

In consultation with the CAREC Institute’s Research Division/Project coordinator, the International Consultant shall produce a report, the policy brief, focus group discussions, and present a region-specific flipped classroom module/program. The work will include the following activities:

• Conduct a detailed and comprehensive literature review related to flipped classrooms, digital education technologies, and region-specific challenges for technology integration in the countries of the CAREC region.
• Develop research instruments, including questionnaires, in coordination with the national consultants in each country for data collection.
• Conduct analysis of data through exploratory data analysis and SWOT analysis.
• Identify the constraints, challenges, capacity, and potential of the CAREC region for the integration of education technologies in the region.
• Propose a suitable design/program for flipped classroom learning for the CAREC region based on the data analysis.
• Conduct a policy dialogue with the key stakeholders from the selected countries and disseminate and discuss the proposed module in the dialogue.
• Integrate feedback from the policy dialogue in the proposed flipped classroom module and finalize the data drive module.
• Any other task assigned by the CAREC Institute related to this execution and dissemination of the Research Project.

For more information, please refer to the Research Project Concept Note here [LINK].

Interested candidates should submit their resume by October 30, 2023, to the following email addresses: and

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