New Report Highlights Strategies for Enhancing Digital Trade Integration in Pakistan and Central Asia

Mar 2024; Asif Javed, Vaqar Ahmed, CAREC Institute

The CAREC Institute is pleased to announce the publication of a new report focusing on digital trade integration between Pakistan and selected Central Asian countries. This report, written by Dr. Asif Javed and Dr. Vaqar Ahmed from the Sustainable Development Policy Institute−Pakistan, a member of the CAREC Think Tanks Network, offers valuable insights and recommendations to promote regional cooperation and economic growth in the digital trade sector.

Titled “Scope of Digital Trade Integration for Pakistan and Central Asian States: An Action Plan,” the report delves into key objectives such as exploring the role of regional trade agreements, addressing challenges faced by public institutions, and identifying opportunities for SMEs in the digital trade domain. Through in-depth analysis and research methodology, the report provides a comprehensive overview of the current landscape and outlines a strategic action plan for successful regional digital trade integration.

Key findings from the report include recommendations for governments to promote digital payments, streamline customs clearance processes, and enhance cybersecurity measures. The report also emphasizes the importance of increasing investment in digital infrastructure and fostering international cooperation through treaties to boost regional trade activities. By implementing the recommendations outlined in the report, countries in the region can unlock new opportunities for economic growth and collaboration in the digital trade sector.

The report is now available for download on the CAREC Institute website, offering a comprehensive guide for policymakers and industry leaders seeking to enhance digital trade integration in the region.

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