Climate Vulnerability, Infrastructure, Finance and Governance in CAREC

May 2020; CAREC Institute

The research report on Climate Vulnerability, Infrastructure, Finance and Governance in CAREC examines adaptation and mitigation strategies of CAREC countries in the context of COP21, the Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development and Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The paper looks into sectors which need to be prioritized for funding at national levels in the light of climate change induced risks. It also examines how national programs can contribute to the regional adaptation agenda.

The diagnostics show that intersectoral coordination mechanisms vis-à-vis global commitments of the countries is a pivotal driver of the climate change adaptation agenda. Such coordination and coherence of policies help avoid potential overlaps and minimize the risk that one sector progresses at the expense of another. Besides, the pursuit of new technical solutions, new policies and economic frameworks is recommended to promote cooperation and integrated planning among sectors. Integrated planning and cross-sector cooperation can leverage possible synergies for decreasing costs, assessing tradeoffs, demand-side interventions, and decentralized services for ensuring sustainability of infrastructure and sectors. Increased access to finance through insurance can be instrumental for implementing adaptation policies.

The paper recommends further analysis for examining capability gaps of specialized governance structures at national levels, and regional focus of international cooperative platforms.

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