CAREC Institute Prospectus

Nov 2007; CAREC Program

The CAREC Institute is envisaged to become a region-based institution covering CAREC’s specific needs for research, training, and knowledge solutions to common problems and more effective regional cooperation. The mission of the CAREC Institute is to enhance the quality of regional cooperation by generating world- class knowledge resources in the priority areas of transportation, trade, and energy, which will lead to greater capacities for regional cooperation and accelerated economic growth in Central Asia.
In its initial stage, the CAREC Institute will take the form of a virtual institute. This offers substantial advantages by making use of existing resources and minimizing fixed investment costs before tangible benefits of the Institute are demonstrated.
This prospectus includes a proposed work plan for the CAREC Institute for 2008-2010 with an indicative schedule of training courses and modules for government officials, research topics, and outreach activities.

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