Executive Vice Chairman of the Host Province Government Visits the CAREC Institute

11 Jun 2024

On June 11, Mr. Chen Weijun, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Government, visited the CAREC Institute and exchanged views with the Institute’s management on further promoting its quality development.

CAREC Institute Director Kabir Jurazoda warmly welcomed the esteemed delegates from the host province government, expressing profound gratitude for their ongoing support. During the meeting, Director Jurazoda provided a comprehensive overview of the Institute’s key knowledge products and flagship events, highlighting proposals aimed at deepening cooperation with Xinjiang.

Mr. Chen Weijun emphasized that CAREC is the sole intergovernmental organization in Xinjiang, dedicated to promoting regional economic cooperation and integration among the 11 CAREC member countries. He affirmed the host province government’s full support for the development of the CAREC Institute in enhancing its role as a platform for international cooperation. He acknowledged that in recent years, the Institute has actively organized forums, conducted research, and provided talent training, significantly contributing to the promotion of exchanges and cooperation between Xinjiang and Central Asian countries.

He stressed that advancing the development and growth of the CAREC Institute is crucial for deepening cooperation and exchanges between China and other CAREC member countries, and for facilitating the westward opening of Xinjiang. He expressed hope that the CAREC Institute would develop with higher quality and standards, continuously enhancing its international influence, visibility, and recognition.

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