CTTN Blog Guidelines Released: Promoting Knowledge Sharing in the CAREC Region

12 Mar 2024

CAREC Institute is delighted to announce that the CAREC Think Tank Network (CTTN) Blog Guidelines have been officially released. These guidelines aim to facilitate contribution to the CTTN Blog for promoting regional cooperation and integration in the CAREC region. The CAREC Strategy 2030 underscores the pivotal role of the CAREC Institute in providing knowledge solutions and fostering connections with academic institutions and think tanks in the region. The primary objective of the Blog is to encourage researchers and intellectuals in the CAREC region to create valuable content for the network.

The content of the Blog should be concise, clear, and free of jargon, presenting a well-defined stance on issues relevant to the CAREC audience. It is intended to share the developmental experiences of the CAREC Institute and its knowledge partners on matters concerning the CAREC region. The Blog content adopts a journalistic approach, focusing on sharing key insights and professional perspectives derived from developmental experiences.

We look forward to witnessing researchers and intellectuals from the CAREC region actively engage in sharing their ideas and knowledge on the CTTN Blog for the collective benefit of CTTN members. The Blog will serve as a digital platform that accelerates knowledge sharing, exchange, and utilization among think tanks in the CAREC region, offering accessibility, affordability, reliability, and user-friendliness. Visit our website to learn more and participate in the knowledge-sharing and exchange on the CTTN Blog.

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