Chief Economist of the CAREC Institute Delivers Presentation on Green Innovation at ESCAP Expert Group Meeting

27 Mar 2024

Dr. Hans Holzhacker, Chief Economist at the CAREC Institute, participated in the Expert Group Meeting on Harnessing Innovative Technologies to Advance Green Transformation for Sustainable Development in North and Central Asia and gave a speech. The meeting was organized by the Subregional Office for North and Central Asia of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific on March 26-27, 2024, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, bringing together policymakers, experts, and stakeholders to explore the transformative power of innovation in driving sustainable development in the region.

During his session, Dr. Holzhacker emphasized the importance of a productivity push, digitalization, and a new wave of green electrification for the CAREC region. Dr. Holzhacker’s presentation not only highlighted the potential for innovation and technology to drive sustainable development but also emphasized the crucial role of green transformation in addressing environmental concerns and promoting economic growth in the CAREC region.

The thought-provoking meeting sparked engaging discussions and inspired attendees to explore new avenues for leveraging innovative technologies to create a more sustainable and resilient future for the region. It served as a platform for in-depth discussions on leveraging emerging technologies, digital transformation, and green initiatives to address pressing development challenges in North and Central Asia. With a focus on science, technology, and innovation, participants exchanged insights, shared best practices, and forged collaborations to accelerate the adoption of new innovations for greener and more sustainable economic growth.

The Expert Group Meeting underscored the importance of regional cooperation, public-private partnerships, and policy frameworks to drive innovation and technology adoption for sustainable development. By fostering a collaborative environment and sharing recommendations, the meeting laid the groundwork for advancing green transformation and building a more resilient future for North and Central Asia.

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