CAREC Water Policy Dialogue: A Milestone in Transforming Water Governance in Central Asia

1 Apr 2024

The CAREC Institute held the 4th CAREC Water Policy Dialogue, focusing on “Analyzing the Financial Governance Gap of Water Sector in Central Asia: From Planning to Effective Implementation” on 29 March 2024. The webinar brought together experts, stakeholders, and policymakers to discuss critical issues and propose solutions in water governance to benefit the communities and ecosystems across Central Asia.

In his welcoming speech, Mr. Kabir Jurazoda, Director of the CAREC Institute, emphasized the importance of collaboration and action in addressing the challenges of water governance in Central Asia. “We must work together to bridge the gap between research and action, turning our findings into tangible solutions that will drive positive change in the water governance in Central Asia,” said Mr. Kabir Jurazoda, Director, CAREC Institute.

The keynote presentation “Water sector financial governance gap analysis in Central Asia: from planning to practice” was delivered by Dr. Georg Petersen, International Consultant from HYDROC (Germany). During his presentation, he highlighted the pressing issues faced by the Central Asian region, including the necessity for coordinated investment planning and the development of innovative financing solutions for water infrastructure. Dr. Petersen emphasized the importance of understanding the financial needs of the water sector, particularly concerning major infrastructure projects, and the significant differences in water priorities among Central Asian countries. His presentation underscored the imperative need for sustainable financing alternatives, fostering public-private partnerships, and enhancing water governance to effectively address the challenges and leverage the opportunities in the water sector of Central Asia.

Professor Xin Fu from Hohai University presented insights related to water governance, financial management, and ecological aspects of water resources. He highlighted the crucial components of sustainable infrastructure development, financial mechanisms, and regional collaboration to tackle water security challenges in Central Asia.

The dialogue featured insightful discussions led by water sector experts – Dr. Au Shion Yee, Principal Water Resources Specialist at the Asian Development Bank, Mr. Stanislav Chuyev, Senior Analyst from Eurasian Development Bank, Dr. Duan Weili, Professor from Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography of Chinese Academy of Sciences — on the practical implications of the water gap and water financing challenges and opportunities in Central Asia. Participants engaged in exploring best practices for formulating policy recommendations to address the region’s pressing water resource management issues. The event highlighted the importance of collaboration and integration across the region to promote sustainable water governance.

The CAREC Institute remains committed to fostering dialogue and collaboration to address the challenges faced in managing water resources in Central Asia. All materials and video recording of the 4th CAREC Water Policy Dialogue are available at the CAREC Institute’s E-learning platform.

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