CAREC Institute and Beijing National Accounting Institute Established New Strategic Partnership

31 Oct 2023

On October 31, the CAREC Institute and the Beijing National Accounting Institute (BNAI) held a discussion on the memorandum of understanding signed for strategic cooperation between the two research institutes. The discussion meeting was attended by Dr. Huang Jingjing, Deputy Director One of the CAREC Institute, Dr. Cui Huaqing, Vice-President of BNAI, Dr. Zhang Jing, Director of the Academic Affairs Department of BNAI, Dr. He Yingqi, Director of the Sustainable Development and Accounting Research Center of BNAI and other representatives of both parties. The two sides discussed comprehensively on strategic cooperation, including international talent training, academic research, faculty development and exchanges, and reached broad consensus.

During the discussion, Dr. Huang Jingjing briefed the other party on the core activities of the CAREC Institute in the areas of knowledge creation and sharing and building regional research partnerships in CAREC region. She called on both sides to make joint efforts to conduct international research and develop international talent to support regional economic development. Dr. Cui Huaqing proposed that both sides integrate existing resources and advantages for pragmatic cooperation within the established strategic cooperation structure.

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