Call for Consulting Services of National Consultants from Turkmenistan--Extension

16 Jun 2023

The CAREC Institute engages the services of National Consultants from Turkmenistan for research project TA-6694 REG  “Water sector financial governance gap analysis in Central Asia: from planning to practice.”

The goal of the research project is to map the major water financing needs of the water sector and identify potential financing schemes in the country, mostly focusing on major water infrastructure.

The project will use results of the CAREC Institute’s previous research on water sector financing and additional information from other similar projects, activities, and research.

The specific objectives of the project are following:

• Mapping major water financing gaps of water sector — mapping water infrastructure priorities.

• Understanding major obstacles for efficient water sector financing, classification of the major problems, highlighting policy and management actions for improving water sector financing.

• Developing water sector financing improvement action-plan.

• Assessment of both efficiency and performance of various water financing initiatives which were recently introduced.

• Preparing and conducting a series of policy dialogues among water agencies, national and international financial institutions, and private financiers to develop joint implementation mechanisms for water sector financing.

Applications are accepted until 22 June2023, through the ADB Consultant Management System:

• Selection 188804: TA-6694 REG: Water sector financial governance gap analysis in Central Asia: from planning to practice – Water Sector National Expert – Turkmenistan

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