Call for Consulting Services of International and National Consultants

7 Apr 2024

The CAREC Institute is looking for talented individuals to fill roles as International and National Consultants for developing communication strategy, brand books, and social media management.

Applications are accepted until 17 April 2024 through the ADB Consultant Management System:

1. Communication strategy expert (International) –

2. Designer of CAREC Institute Brand Book and Guidelines (International) –

3. Social media specialist (National) –

The overall goal of this project is to improve the strategic planning and the operational communication and knowledge management approaches in the CAREC Institute. The team of consultants will carry out the following tasks and deliver the specified outputs:

Output 1. Review of knowledge management activities and products, outreach, and communication activities

– Conduct the evaluation of the CAREC Institute’s communication and knowledge management activities to determine whether it meets the objectives of CAREC 2030 and CAREC Institute’s institutional strategy.
– Review of the CAREC Institute’s knowledge management products, existing communication tools, and materials.
– Review CAREC Program’s media landscape study on communication use in the CAREC region, along with the CAREC Institute’s Midterm Review from 2023.
– Provide guidance on operationalizing recommendations from the Institute’s Midterm Review on strategic communications.
– Provide advice on media monitoring and use of CAREC Institute’s e-learning platform for outreach purposes.
– Review of the brand’s visual practices, to identify its strengths and weaknesses.
– Develop recommendations on communication and knowledge management activities and relevant tools and products.

Output 2. Capacity building training on knowledge management, communication

– Conduct a two-day training course on Communication Strategy for the staff of CAREC Institute.
– Give assignments to staff on writing two-page proposals on strategic directions, and activities for Communication Strategy, and writing concise but effective blurbs and press releases.
– Develop guidelines for the management and staff of the CAREC Institute regarding interviews, encompassing a list of principal messages.

Output 3. Knowledge Management and Communication Strategy

– Facilitate strategic discussion and writing.
– Review of collected staff two-pager proposals and other material for Communication Strategy.
– Draft the Communication Strategy.
– Integrate the monitoring and evaluation mechanism into the Strategy document to monitor its effective implementation.
– Present the draft of the Communication Strategy to the staff and record their feedback.
– Finalize the draft of the Communication Strategy.

Output 4. Stakeholder engagement

– Share the draft Communication Strategy with CAREC Institute’s stakeholders.
– Discuss, collaborate with, or inform existing stakeholders on the Communication Strategy.
– Consider the needs and suggestions of stakeholders.

Output 5. Brand Book/Guidelines

– Collect the staff’s suggestions for brand book.
– Develop the TOR for brand book and present it to the management board.
– Develop the draft brand book.
– Present draft brand book to the staff of the Institute and collect the feedback.
– Finalize the brand book.

Output 6. Increased social media engagement with Russian speaking and national language speaking audience

– Manage and grow the Institute’s presence in Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and Instagram with large Russian speaking and national language speaking audiences.
– Analyze data and monitor trends to improve the Institute’s social media presence.
– Contribute to producing the news of the CAREC Institute.
– Post and promote CAREC Institute’s news on the social media targeting Russian and national language speaking audiences.
– Provide monthly reports on social media engagement with Russian speaking and national language speaking audience.

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