ADB’s Regional Representative Visits the CAREC Institute

28 Sep 2023

On September 28, Dr. Lyaziza Sabyrova, Regional Head of the Regional Cooperation and Integration of ADB’s Central and West Asia Department, visited the office of the CAREC Institute to discuss institutional strategy, new directions for research and capacity building activities, and other aspects of institute’s strategic planning.

Mr. Kabir Jurazoda welcomed Dr. Lyaziza Sabyrova and shared information on the progress of the midterm review of the implementation of the institutional strategy, new strategy and institutional development directions to better serve the knowledge needs of CAREC member countries. Director presented achievements of the CAREC Institute over the past three years (2021-2023) and planned activities for the next two years according to the institute’s draft Rolling Operational Plan for 2024-2025.

Dr. Lyaziza Sabyrova thanked the staff of the CAREC Institute for good achievements and noted the importance of updating the strategy to adapt the institute to the changing environment. She suggested continuing to improve relevance to the needs of CAREC countries and quality of knowledge products and services of the institute. The parties further discussed aspects of joint cooperation on research projects in areas of regional trade, transit corridors, climate change, green energy transition, tourism and inclusive development.

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