Workshop on Application of Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction

13 Oct - 26 Oct 2019; Urumqi, Xinjiang, the PRC

The CAREC Institute in cooperation with the Xinjiang Institute for Ecology and Geography has delivered a workshop on “Application of Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Central Asia” during 16-26 October 2019 in Urumqi.

The workshop brought together leading experts, decision makers, policy makers, and policy influencers to engage in regional knowledge sharing, policy dialogue, and explore a collective way forward to tackle issues of natural disasters using available technologies. The audience included mid- to senior-level government officials, experts and professionals associated with the Ministries of Emergency Situations, Hydro-Meteorological Bureaus and Civil Affairs Agencies as well as academics and researchers from relevant research institutions and university faculties.

The CAREC countries comprise a large mass of mountain ranges, from Pamir to HinduKush to the Caucasus. The area is prone to earthquakes, landslides, drought, and floods aggravated by the climate change. As a result, the CAREC countries face increasing challenges of natural disasters collectively. To reduce the risks of natural disasters, there is a need not only for stronger regional cooperation but also for enhanced technical and technological capabilities.

The participants were introduced to the role of technology application in disaster risk reduction with the focus on types of areas prone to natural disasters and regional mechanism of analysis; establishment of effective DRR systems; evaluation and standardization of DRR capabilities; remote sensing monitoring technology and its application in hazard assessment and early warning; application of satellite technologies and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV); disaster data processing and analysis; model and simulation of floods, droughts and debris flow; disaster risk assessment; construction of DRR information system; early warning systems; and possible measures to prevent and reduce disasters.

The workshop aimed at setting up a platform for exchange of technical knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices on disaster risk reduction in CAREC; developing further capacity; and strengthening cooperation among experts and policy makers on disaster risk management issues.

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