Policy Workshop on e-Commerce Development in CAREC

28 May 2020; Online

The CAREC Institute is delivering a policy workshop, in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) and Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI), targeting senior CAREC government officials involved in e-commerce development in their respective countries.

The workshop aims to present and discuss policy options bred from a joint research by the CAREC Institute and ADB on e-commerce development in CAREC, and promotion of e-commerce as a viable instrument for trade and commerce to enhance economic cooperation. In addition, ADBI and SNAI recent research findings on the positive impacts of e-commerce on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) during the Covid-19, and E-payment System for E-commerce: Chinese experiences and practices will be presented and discussed during the workshop.

While the Covid-19 epidemic has halted and shattered many socio-economic activity platforms in the physical world, e-commerce has emerged as the resilient force to not only defy the pandemic but also to facilitate various vital economic activities for individuals, societies, governments, and interested economic entities in the virtual world. Although the importance and potential of e-commerce is well understood in CAREC, and it has been expanding, its full development and utilization is hampered due to lack of compatible and comprehensive legal basis. These differences can cause inefficiencies and barriers to trade and commerce.

The participating experts and government officials will discuss the issues of harmonization, compatibility, risks, lessons, best practices, and conditions for creating the enabling environment for e-commerce at the scale of regional cooperation to maximize economic benefits.

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