CAREC Think Tank Network Virtual Dialogue: Regional Action on Climate Change

13 Oct 2023

The event is postponed to 13 October 2023, 5:30 -7:30 pm Beijing/Manila time.

The CAREC Institute will hold a consultation webinar on the draft report “Regional Action on Climate Change: A Vision for CAREC in 2050” as part of CAREC Think Tank Network Talk Series. The webinar aims at collecting perspectives from leading regional think tanks on the draft report.

To support increased attention on climate change, the CAREC Secretariat commissioned the scoping study on regional climate change issues in the CAREC region. The study explored a comprehensive range of climate change issues based on an in-depth review of the literature and intensive consultations with experts; summarizes the strategy and advocacy work of CAREC and the CAREC Institute, as well as CAREC investment projects in support of climate action; and considered how CAREC and the CAREC Institute can best address the most important climate change challenges and opportunities moving forward.

The overall conclusion of the report is that CAREC has a unique and urgent opportunity to chart a course of active, systematic and strategic engagement in supporting its member countries to strengthen, modify and implement existing national climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, and developing a range of regional actions in response to the regional nature of many climate change impacts and solutions.

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