Workshop Report on CAREC Digital Economy

Jul 2024; CAREC Institute

The recently published Workshop Report on CAREC Digital Economy offers a deep dive into the key takeaways and recommendations from the training program held in July 2024.

The report sheds light on the evolving landscape of the digital economy in the region, highlighting the positive feedback received from participants, and emphasizing the value they found in the program’s content, organization, networking opportunities, and logistics. Participants expressed a keen interest in topics such as economic growth, digital economy, environmental sustainability, regional cooperation, and more, showcasing a strong desire to apply their learnings in their work.

Insights from the report underscore the importance of investing in digital infrastructure, promoting fintech innovations, and developing regulatory frameworks to enhance connectivity and financial inclusion in the rapidly growing e-commerce market. Additionally, the report suggests areas for improvement in future events, including shorter in-class hours, more practical activities, and the inclusion of practical cases.

The publication of this report marks a significant milestone in advancing digital economy cooperation and promoting digital connectivity in the region. Stakeholders, policymakers, and industry professionals are encouraged to explore the findings and recommendations outlined in the report to drive innovation and efficiency in organizational practices.


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