Unveiling the Digital Transformation of Central Asia: Insights from Special Economic Zones Research Paper

Apr 2024; Azimzhan Khitakhunov, CAREC Institute

The CAREC Institute published a new research paper on the Role of Special Economic Zones in the Digital Transformation of Central Asia by Azimzhan Khitakhunov, a comprehensive study undertaken under the CAREC Think Tank Network. This paper delves into the vital role that special economic zones play in driving the digital transformation of Central Asia, shedding light on innovative strategies and policies implemented by countries in the region.

Azimzhan Khitakhunov’s insightful analysis explores the impact of special economic zones on the digital landscape of Central Asia, highlighting the successes and challenges faced by these zones in fostering economic growth and technological advancement. From Kazakhstan’s Astana Hub to Uzbekistan’s IT-Park, this paper provides a detailed overview of the region’s technology hubs and their contributions to the digitalization of Central Asia.

The report is now available for download on the CAREC Institute website, offering a comprehensive guide for policymakers and industry leaders e interested in understanding the intersection of economic development and digital innovation in Central Asia.

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