New Report Highlights Opportunities and Challenges of Digitalization of Infrastructure and Decarbonization in Central Asia

Mar 2024; Rahat Sabyrbekov, Burulcha Sulaimanova, Aijan Sharshenova , CAREC Institute

The CAREC Institute published a new research report on the digitalization of infrastructure and decarbonization in Central Asia. This comprehensive study, conducted by esteemed researchers from OSCE Academy in Bishkek, which is a member organization of the CAREC Think Tank Network, delves into the opportunities and challenges in this vital area.

The report aims to investigate the current landscape and future plans for digital infrastructure that promote decarbonization in Central Asia. By identifying key opportunities and challenges, the researchers provide valuable insights for policymakers, industry professionals, and stakeholders in the region.
Report’s key findings are:

– Analysis of the current situation in Central Asia

– Plans for digital infrastructure to support decarbonization efforts

– Comparative analysis between regions to draw lessons for promoting regional integration

This research report sheds light on the crucial intersection of digitalization and decarbonization in Central Asia, offering a roadmap for sustainable and inclusive growth in the region. The findings are poised to inform policy decisions, drive innovation, and shape the future of infrastructure development in Central Asia.

For more information, access the full report.

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