Macroeconomic Monitoring and Forecasting Model for CAREC Member Countries 2017

Nov 2018; Kadir Tanju Yurukoglu and Saeed Qadir, CAREC Institute

The “Macroeconomic Monitoring and Forecasting of the CAREC region” (MMF) research study provides a learning tool for conducting analysis of state of the economy; forecast near-term challenges and prospects of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) member economies. The CAREC Institute launched the MMF study to establish a solid basis for macroeconomic monitoring and producing short-term forecasting. The primary purpose of the study is to develop the MMF model reflecting the economic structure for each of the CAREC member economies and provide country write-ups on recent economic developments and emerging key policy issues. This research also provides theoretical foundation, model, methodology and econometric codes enabling and equipping researchers and policy makers to experiment, customize their research and build new models commensurate with peculiar domestic economic conditions.

To be available as e-book in first quarter of 2019

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