Investment Gap Analysis Report Reveals Critical Insights into Central Asia's Water, Agriculture, and Energy Sectors

Mar 2024; Abdurasul Kayumov , Asif Razzaq, CAREC Institute

The recently published Investment Gap Analysis of Central Asia’s Water, Agriculture, and Energy Sectors report sheds light on crucial challenges and opportunities in the region’s key sectors. Authored by experts Dr. Abdurasul Kayumov and Dr. Asif Razzaq, this comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into the impact of climate inaction and the potential benefits of improved intersectoral and regional cooperation.

Authors note that the absence of a National Climate Action Plan that integrates intersectoral activities and climate investments into decision-making and planning poses an obstacle to mainstream climate finance across numerous sectors in Central Asian economies. A well-designed document can aid in identifying investment projects that contribute to climate-aligned growth objectives and sustainable development plans. The lack of such a framework hinders effective coordination among national stakeholders, thus making it challenging to prioritize climatic factors and secure the financial resources necessary to address climate change.

At the regional level, countries could cooperate to increase investment in these sectors by fostering interactions among investment-promotion agencies. Each country in the region has an investment promoting agency that facilitates the inflow and execution of investment programs. These agencies can be instrumental in creating an attractive business environment for climate investment.

The report, funded by the Asian Development Bank, involved national consultants and experts in data collection and analysis. It provides a valuable resource for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders working towards sustainable development in the region.

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