Tender for International and National Consulting Services

4 Mar 2023

The CAREC Institute announces a call for tender for international and national consultancy services within the research project “TA-6694 REG: Climate Inaction Project: Implications of climate inaction across water-agriculture-energy nexus and potential benefits of improved intersectoral and regional cooperation.”

The goal of the research project is to identify what damage augmenting climate change could cause to the water, agriculture and energy sectors of five Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), as well as the potential benefits of a nexus approach and improved regional cooperation in addressing climate change.

Specific objectives of the project are following:

• To review and analyze database of development programs, projects, evaluation reports, publications and interventions on the potential impacts of climate change on water, agriculture and energy sectors, and assess their alignment with integrated nexus approach.
• To categorize and indicate potential impacts of climate inaction based on two scenarios (optimistic and pessimistic).
• To demonstrate potential benefits of a nexus approach and improved regional collaboration, and identify investment gaps across water, agriculture and energy sectors.

Applications are accepted until March 17, 2023, through the ADB Consultant Management System:

International consultant:

1. Selection 186463 – Climate Sector Specialist (52370-001) https://selfservice.adb.org/OA_HTML/adb/xxcrs/jsp/ADBCsrnFwd.jsp?sel=186463

National consultants:

1. Selection 186465 – Climate Sector Expert – Kazakhstan https://selfservice.adb.org/OA_HTML/adb/xxcrs/jsp/ADBCsrnFwd.jsp?sel=186465
2. Selection 186466 – Climate Sector Expert – Kyrgyz Republic https://selfservice.adb.org/OA_HTML/adb/xxcrs/jsp/ADBCsrnFwd.jsp?sel=186466
3. Selection 186467 – Climate Sector Expert – Tajikistan https://selfservice.adb.org/OA_HTML/adb/xxcrs/jsp/ADBCsrnFwd.jsp?sel=186467
4. Selection 186468 – Climate Sector Expert – Turkmenistan
5. Selection 186469 – Climate Sector Expert – Uzbekistan https://selfservice.adb.org/OA_HTML/adb/xxcrs/jsp/ADBCsrnFwd.jsp?sel=186469

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