Director of the CAREC Institute Shares Insights at the Eurasian Development Bank's Business Forum in Almaty

1 Jul 2024

On June 27, Mr. Kabir Jurazoda, Director of the CAREC Institute, delivered valuable insights on challenges and solutions concerning international transport corridors and routes within the CAREC region at the Eurasian Development Bank’s Business Forum in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The Forum highlighted interactions among multilateral development banks as crucial for Central Asian countries to achieve their sustainable development goals. It convened representatives from multilateral development banks, international organizations, governments, businesses, research institutions, and academia. During the discussions along with the issues of partnership for sustainable development in the field of water, energy and food, digital technologies and innovations, investment instruments; Islamic finance, also discussed the potential, challenges, and solutions of the Eurasian transport network, stressing the significance of coordinated infrastructure development, investments in transport corridors, and mechanisms to facilitate trade.

During the session on the Eurasian transport network, Mr. Kabir Jurazoda emphasized CAREC regional economic cooperation, trade facilitation, and infrastructure connectivity, focusing on critical priorities outlined in the CAREC Strategy 2030. Discussions underscored the significance of fostering synergy among transport corridors and routes through interconnection and complementarity rather than competition. Key topics addressed included priority transport projects, the regional transport network’s role in landlocked countries, and necessary measures to stimulate regional transport infrastructure development.

Mr. Kabir Jurazoda underscored the pivotal elements essential for successful partnerships, leveraging the Institute’s extensive experience and expertise. He emphasized the crucial roles of coordinated infrastructure development, investment in transport corridors, and harmonization of customs procedures to mitigate trade barriers and bolster economic integration. His focus on fostering cooperation to optimize transport logistics, lower tariffs, and diversify exports highlighted the importance of collaborative initiatives in cultivating a fluid and thriving economic environment within the region.

The CAREC Institute’s participation at the Business Forum exemplified its dedication to advancing trade facilitation mechanisms and infrastructure connectivity in the Eurasian continent, underlining its pivotal role in regional economic cooperation.

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