Delegation of the PRC Ministry of Finance Visited the Office of the CAREC Institute

15 Aug 2023

On August 15, a delegation led by Mr. Chen Zhijun, Director-general of the Department of International Economic and Financial Cooperation, the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), visited the office of the CAREC Institute. The delegation met with the CAREC Institute Director Mr. Kabir Jurazoda, Deputy Director One Dr. Huang Jingjing, chiefs of divisions and international staff to discuss institutional development, new areas of research and capacity building activities, third-party fundraising, and other aspects of institute’s strategic planning.

Mr. Kabir Jurazoda welcomed the delegation members and shared information on currently published research papers and knowledge sharing activities, and events. He noted the need for institutional strategy review and reorganization to adapt to a changing environment to better meet the knowledge needs of the CAREC member countries. Dr. Huang Jinjing briefed the delegation on the institute’s fundraising activities, budget implementation and operations, reallocation of the institute to a permanent location, and expanding partnerships with research institutes and international financial institutions.

Mr. Chen Zhijun commended the institute for its good work and encouraged its staff to continue to improve institutional effectiveness through improved resource allocation, knowledge products and services, and partnerships with other institutions. He suggested that the CAREC Institute continue to use a demand-driven approach to support member countries and further strengthen cooperation with them by providing the necessary knowledge support and high-quality policy advice. To this end, the CAREC Institute should continue to collaborate with academia and development institutions to build regional and interdisciplinary research networks that are critical for policy research and knowledge sharing.

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