CAREC Institute Research Results Presented at the East Asian Economic Association International Conference

22 Oct 2023

Senior Research Specialist of the CAREC Institute Dr. Ghulam Samad attended the 18th East Asian Economic Association International Conference on October 21-22, 2023, at the Seoul National University (SNU), Korea. The conference titled “Charting Inclusive Pathways for Innovation, Growth, and Integration in Asia” was organized by the SNU Institute of Economic Research, the Korean International Economic Association and the Center for Economic Catch-up.

During the parallel session on “Evidence from the Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring (CPMM) Database in the Central and West Asian countries” hosted by Asian Development Bank, Dr. Ghulam Samad presented the results from his research paper “Geographical Proximity and Trade Impacts in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation,” co-authored with Amjad Masood and Junaid Ahmed. Using the structural and spatial gravity model with the CPMM data, the authors found that electronic sanitary and phytosanitary (e-SPS) certification can increase trade by reducing customs clearance time and border crossing costs. Furthermore, the preferential and free trade agreements facilitate trade of participating countries, and subnational trade facilitation measures in neighboring areas can also improve regional trade. Dr. Ghulam Samad suggested that CAREC countries continue regional cooperation to improve the trade facilitation performance through implementing digitalization initiatives (such as e-SPS) and achieving region-wide trade agreements.

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