CAREC Institute Presented at China- SCO International Symposium on Digital Technology

1 Jul 2024

The Senior Research Specialist of the CAREC Institute, Dr. Ghulam Samad presented on “Computational Power, Artificial Intelligence, and Trade Facilitation” during the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) International Symposium on Digital Technology held in Karamay, Xinjiang, PRC.

The Symposium aimed to foster cooperation and development in digital technology among SCO member countries. With a focus on areas like cloud computing and big data, the event will bring together political figures, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs to explore digital applications in industries such as water conservancy, transportation, agriculture, and animal husbandry. Nearly 1,000 participants have attended the Symposium, engaging in discussions and networking opportunities to promote common development and progress in the digital industry.

During his presentation, Dr. Ghulam Samad emphasized Xinjiang’s pivotal role as a nexus for the CAREC corridors, linking the region to Europe, the Mediterranean, the Russian Federation, South Asia, and the Middle East. He underscored Xinjiang’s significance in promoting regional cooperation and advancing digital trade policies. Samad’s insights illuminated opportunities to optimize existing trade routes for greater economic prosperity and connectivity. He also highlighted the potential of Artificial Intelligence to streamline cross-border trade in Xinjiang by reducing delays at key border crossings such as Takehikent, Khorgos, Alashankou, and Torugart, and minimizing associated costs. By establishing a centralized repository for trade data and international information, AI can expedite access to crucial data and enhance compliance and security through anomaly detection based on HS codes. Additionally, AI can improve traceability of transportation and products, ensuring efficiency and transparency in cross-border trade operations.

He further suggested improving cooperation with neighboring regions to ensure smooth interoperability of national platforms and information exchange systems along digitalized transport corridors through Xinjiang, while advancing expertise and capacity-building in modern digital technologies such as Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and mobile applications.

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