CAREC Institute Excels in Productive Meetings with ADB

7 May 2024

The delegation from the CAREC Institute, comprised of Mr. Kabir Jurazoda, Director, Dr. Jingjing Huang, Deputy Director One, and Mr. Khalid Umar, Head of Strategic Planning Division, participated in high-level meetings with the ADB Vice President and other prominent stakeholders at the ADB Annual Meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia. These meetings have highlighted the Institute’s commitment to fostering regional cooperation and sustainable development in the CAREC region.

During the meeting with the ADB Vice President Mr. Yingming Yang, the CAREC Institute showcased its strategic activities planned for the year, emphasizing research, capacity building, knowledge management, and participation in sector committee meetings. Mr. Yingming Yang acknowledged the Institute’s contributions and expressed full support for its growth and development.

Key discussions revolved around strategies to address pressing issues such as climate change, digitalization, and connectivity within the region. Mr. Yingming Yang commended the Institute’s past achievements and encouraged further specialization in niche areas to become a leading think tank for the CAREC Secretariat, ADB sectors, and beyond.

Furthermore, the CAREC Institute received positive feedback on its output quality and was encouraged to continue producing flagship events and annual reports to enhance visibility and impact. The importance of recruiting quality staff through transparent and merit-based processes was also emphasized to strengthen the Institute’s capabilities.

Moving forward, the CAREC Institute is poised to deepen its collaboration with the ADB and other institutions to drive regional development and promote sustainable practices. The Institute remains dedicated to advancing the goals of the CAREC region and looks forward to continued success in future endeavors.

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