Workshop on Road Asset Management (RAM) and RAM System

10 Aug - 13 Aug 2020; Online

The CAREC Institute is planning to deliver a virtual workshop on “Road Asset Management (RAM) and RAM System,” targeting senior government officials and experts from ministries of transport, rural development, public infrastructure, and any other relevant state agencies of the CAREC countries. The four-day capacity building event will be held on 10-13 August 2020 online through Zoom e-platform.

According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), RAM “looks at optimizing the level and the allocation of road maintenance funding in relation to medium- and long-term results on road conditions and road user costs.” Therefore, RAM is as much about sustainable road maintenance as it is about minimizing the cost of the road users. RAM falls under the CAREC regional “infrastructure and economic connectivity” cluster and the transport sub-cluster of the CAREC 2030 Strategic Framework. CAREC countries’ collective strategic objectives are to (a) “establish competitive transport corridors across the CAREC region; (b) facilitate efficient movement of people and goods across borders; and (c) develop safe, people-friendly transport systems.”

This virtual workshop aims to update and upgrade the target participants’ knowledge and skills on various important aspects of RAM and associated information system for managing assets related to roads. It intends to promote regional cooperation in the CAREC region on RAM and the importance of data collection in overall management of road assets through dialogue and direct cooperation among experts and policymakers. It also aims to facilitate a platform for best practices and knowledge sharing on RAM among CAREC member countries for collective sustainable regional development under the CAREC Program.
Target participants will engage with leading experts on various aspects of RAM to broaden their asset management expertise within CAREC regional cooperation framework.

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