Climate Change Regional Policy Dialogue: Learning from COVID19 Pandemic

18 Jun - 19 Jun 2020; Online

The CAREC Institute and the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), in collaboration with the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography of Chinese Academy of Sciences (XIEG) will deliver a virtual policy workshop – “Climate Change Regional Policy Dialogue: Learning from COVID19 Pandemic” – for senior officials from ADB member countries who are leading climate change adaptation, mitigation and financing national plans.

The workshop will facilitate a policy dialogue between the CAREC Institute, ADBI, and XIEG to share climate change research findings and engage with policymakers from CAREC and other Asian sub-regions to exchange knowledge, best practices and lessons learned on pressing climate change issues at regional level.

Increasing impacts of climate change such as rising global surface temperatures, increasing intensity of natural disasters, and heavy reliance on nonrenewable energy affects the quality and sustainability of water and overall food supply and increases carbon emissions. Surprisingly, the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the environment positively due to the lockdowns and work-from-home. This offers lessons and opportunities for policy makers and stakeholders who are leading climate change mitigation and adaption projects and nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

Leading government officials and experts will share research findings and engage in policy dialogue on governance, sustainable infrastructure, and finance related to climate change mitigation and adaption in the context of a larger Asia. They will discuss innovative and evidence-based policy recommendations for implementing effective climate mitigation, adaptation, and financing strategies at national and regional levels in CAREC region and across Asia and the Pacific.

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