CAREC Chai VIII “Surviving Socioeconomic Challenges in Afghanistan: The Resilience of the Middle Class”

20 Feb 2024

The CAREC Institute, in collaboration with the CAREC Secretariat, the Asian Development Bank and the Biruni Institute (Afghanistan), is organizing the 8th CAREC Chai event on the topic of “Surviving Socioeconomic Challenges in Afghanistan: The Role of the Middle Class” on 20 February 2024, from 18:00–19:30 Beijing time.

The primary objective of this webinar is to discuss the role of the middle class in economic development and overcoming specific socioeconomic challenges in Afghanistan.

The dialogue aims to provide valuable insights for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders seeking to understand and support the middle class in Afghanistan. The webinar will discuss the current social and economic challenges faced by Afghan people such as a high unemployment rate, a fragile banking sector, and an escalating need for humanitarian aid. The country faced mass external and internal migration, altering economic behavior and societal activism. Urban areas, particularly Kabul, now are facing heightened vulnerability due to the absence of formal and informal insurance mechanisms, which are prevalent in rural regions.

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